Bühnenverlag Weitendorf

Bühnenverlag Weitendorf

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Astronaut und grünes Männchen

von Eva Maria Stüting

Ein All-Märchen

The Astronaut and the Little Green Man

A fairy tale in space; 1f – 4m, plus 2f or m; age 5+; awaiting first production

The trainee astronaut Cosmo would very much like to explore the endless expanse of the universe, because he is hoping desperately that somewhere he will find the ET who visits him nightly in his dreams. This, incidentally, is the cause of much amusement among his fellow trainees. Instead, however, he has to fly in the ancient slow-moving spacecraft Amalia on a mission to fence in the craters on the moon. Suddenly all the instruments go haywire, and Cosmo goes wildly off course to a stellar gateway that leads to a parallel universe. His space module hooks onto some unknown material. But he does not have much time to gawp, because right in front of him stands a very angry and very aggressive creature – a real-life extra-terrestrial.

Besetzung: 1 Dame(n) , 4 Herr(en) , 2 H oder D
Alter: empfohlen ab 5
Frei zur: UA

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