Bühnenverlag Weitendorf

Bühnenverlag Weitendorf

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von Karen Köhler

Heart of Concrete

Marthe, Zange and Bo live on ‘Monkey Rock’ – the disparaging name they have given to their prefabricated, grey concrete estate. The place is drab and drear, and according to them nothing can be done about it. Every attempt to make it more habitable has been thwarted by nighttime vandalism, and so they simply kill time as best they can. Then Nikolai comes on the scene. After the death of his parents, he now has to live with his aunt on ‘Monkey Rock’. Nikolai is different. With an almost blind and unquenchable optimism, he seeks to turn each and every situation into something good. Beneath the grey he can always see the green. With stubborn but infectious enthusiasm he persuades the three of them to put on a summer party for all the neighbours, with music and live acts, doner kebabs, and Chinese lanterns. While the children put up a stage, cut hearts in the wire mesh fence, and rehearse their songs, it seems for a moment as though together they really could transcend the miserable confines of the estate. But the party ends almost before it has begun because of a single punch.

Karen Köhler’s clear, beautifully crafted dialogues create multilayered characters, enabling us not only to experience their past and present, but also to sense what is going to be their future. The play vividly confronts us with what will happen to these children if things continue as before on ‘Monkey Rock’. But we can also glimpse the alternatives opened up by Nikolai – the one who is different. If these children could finally come together again in a spirit of reconciliation, they could all help one another to cope with the difficulties in their lives.


3 m + 1 f, age 10+, awaiting first production


Besetzung: 1 Dame(n) , 3 Herr(en)
Alter: empfohlen ab 10
Frei zur: UA

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