Bühnenverlag Weitendorf

Bühnenverlag Weitendorf

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Busfahrt mit Kuhn

von Tamara Bach

Für die Bühne bearbeitet von Janny Fuchs und Yves Hinrichs

On the Road with Kuhn

Adapted for stage by Janny Fuchs and Yves Hinrichs; age 14 +; first produced at Schauspiel Hannover / Youth Club on 18.09.2015; directed by Yves Hinrichs

Ricki, Sissi and Lex have passed their A levels and want to enjoy their new-found freedom to the full. They plan to go to a big rock festival in southern Germany. To make that happen, all they have to do now is steal Kuhn, the VW bus belonging to Ricki’s brother Curtis. But then who should decide he wants to come with them but Noah, the boy Ricki has had a crush on for years. Emotional turmoil and catastrophes are the inevitable result because this trip is not just a magical mystery tour for the friends, but also the first leg on their road to the future. To achieve their goal, they must leave behind the old, familiar security of school life. 

Bearbeitung: Yves Hinrichs / Janny Fuchs
Besetzung: 21 Rollen + Statisten, kleineres Ensemble mit Doppelbesetzungen möglich.
max. Rollenzahl: 21
Alter: empfohlen ab 14
Für junge Akteure ab: 14
Uraufführung: UA: 18.09.2015, Schauspiel Hannover / Jugendclub, Regie: Yves Hinrichs

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