Bühnenverlag Weitendorf

Bühnenverlag Weitendorf

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Der Arzt, der kein Blut sehen konnte

von Alice Quadflieg


The Doctor Who Couldn’t Stand the Sight of Blood

1m (and object theatre); age 4 +; awaiting first production

A young doctor is highly motivated. He has learned a great deal and loves his patients. He can’t imagine anything more wonderful than helping the sick. His profession is his vocation! There’s just one small problem: unfortunately, the doctor can’t stand the sight of blood. The smallest cut makes him feel dizzy, to say nothing of taking a blood sample. So his first day in his surgery becomes quite an ordeal. In fact, he’s so fearful of making a mess of things, the doctor even ends up getting terribly sick – so sick that all he wants to do is run away. He travels around the world and tries not to think about all the sick people at home. And then on a boat trip one day, a woman goes into labour and the baby’s father searches desperately for a doctor.

An imaginative play on a topic familiar to every child: the fear of going to see the doctor. The fact that even a doctor can be scared is sure to amuse children and, with the doctor, they will be able to learn to overcome their fears. Because in the end we are often rewarded for our courage.

Besetzung: 1 Herr(en) , Objekttheater
Alter: empfohlen ab 3
Frei zur: UA

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